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If you've got your data-informed school counseling program in place, you're ready to start working on your RAMP application. Remember, the RAMP application covers a full year's program. 

1. Start by reading through the full application process so you know what's ahead of you.

2. Download the monthly checklist to help you organize your time and ensure you stay on track to meet the Oct. 15 submission deadline.

3. Review the RAMP rubric (full version or exemplary only version) to familiarize yourself with what the RAMP reviewers look for when scoring your application. Review the data classification chart.

4. Watch the RAMP scoring rubric section webinars to learn more about each of the 12 application components.

5. Download the application templates. Applicants are required to use the templates. The templates provide a standardization for scoring, which contributes to more consistent scoring from RAMP reviewers. Applications for the Oct. 15, 2019, deadline are required to use the ASCA National Model, third edition templates and current rubric. Applications for 2020 and 2021 may use either the third edition or the fourth edition templates and will be evaluated on the rubric based on the fourth edition. Applications for 2022 and beyond must use the fourth edition templates and will be evaluated based on the fourth edition rubric.  6. The RAMP application fee is $250 for schools with an ASCA member on staff and $500 for schools without an ASCA member.