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Have you already started working on your application but need some additional help in different sections? There are a wealth of tools available to help you through the process. Remember, Oct. 15, 2019, RAMP applications must follow the ASCA National Model, thrid edition. Both 2020 and 2021 applications may follow either the third edition or the fourth edition. Applications in 2022 and beyond must follow the ASCA National Model, fourth edition.

How Can I Get Help on One Particular Component?
Struggling with one section in particular? There are webinars dedicated to each section of the rubric to guide you through development and illustrate what RAMP reviewers looks for when scoring your application.

Are There Examples of Other RAMP Applications I Can See?
Absolutely. Take a look at these exemplary applications from current RAMP schools to help you along.

I Need Help Writing Results Reports
Visit the SCALE Research Center and search for closing-the-gap, school counseling core curriculum and small-group results reports for examples.

I'm Falling Behind and Need a Suggested Schedule
Downlaod the monthly checklist to keep yourself on track.

Can Help Me Step by Step Along the Way?
An ASCA RAMP coach can walk you through the RAMP framework and application process. Learn more.